Hat: 501st Legion

Last time I wrote about having a generic cog hat. It would be silly to think that I didn’t have a legion hat as well.

This cap is black with red embroidered air holes, and features the 501st Legion logo on the front and a cog on the back. It is the same brand …

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Hat: Cog with personalization

I like baseball caps and other types of hats, and I got a few in my merch collection. Here’s one with The Cog:

Not everything in my merch collection is 501st merch. While The Cog is often used by the Legion, it is not a Legion symbol. This Cog is a generic symbol representing …

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Helmet padding

The original stormtrooper helmet had elastic strapping under the chin and yellow foam padding shaped like a clover on the head.

I have replicated this in my helmet. This feels great while wearing it. The helmet stays on, and it follows the movement of your head. The clover shape makes the padding fairly adjustable, …

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Patch: 501 Legion

Since we are on the subject of embroidered patches: one of the first thing I did when I became a member, was to get a hold of some of the regular 501st Legion logo patches.

The logo has two variants: the circle logo and letter logo.

The circle logo looks good on …

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Patch: First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment

Embroidered patches are fun to collect. They can be used on clothing, like a jacket or backpack, or proudly displayed in a shadow box in your study.

I have a few patches. These are from the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment:

To the left you can see the standard logo. These patches are usually …

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