Sandvika Town Festival

Date: 2023-08-26
Location: Sandvika
Type: Festival
Costume: Stormtrooper

I went on a business trip to Oslo last week. The trip which coincided with a festival in Sandvika just outside of Oslo on Saturday, so I took the opportunity to go to that event.

It was very nice to meet old and new friends, and to finally get to troop with troopers based in Oslo and the surrounding area. I’ve never trooped south of Trondheim before, so this was long overdue.

The troop was outside. We had a photo wall set up by an intersection, and shared the space with a second-hand marketplace and a catwalk. We collaborated with Make-A-Wish Norway on this event, and handed out flyers and talked a bit about what they do. Some people donated money to the cause.

Lots of people came by and took a picture. After a while we went to a funfair down the street, where a few troopers rode the bumper cars – much to the amusement of the other riders.

The weather forecast was heavy rain, but we were lucky. It was mostly clear weather when we trooped, it only started to rain toward the end.

A cosplay contest was held on the catwalk. We didn’t compete, but did a couple of appearances and played out a few scenes. A Jawa had found their way up on the stage, and was trying to steal a pair of sunglasses from someone in the audience. The stormtroopers guarding the stage didn’t like that, so they stopped the Jawa and marched them off stage. After all of the contestants had done their thing, the Jawa once again got up on the stage. This time a bounty hunter came and handcuffed them, marching them off. And in the middle of the award ceremony the Jawa went up on the stage a third time, trying to steal the first price.

We hadn’t had time to rehearse the scenes, so it was done on the spot. It got a few chuckles, but due to the Jawa’s small stature and the large crowd, I think only those on the front row saw what was happening.

Three stormtroopers are standing in front of a photo wall. Someone wearing a marching band uniform is walking up to them and giving them high-fives.
Screenshot from Make-A-Wish Norway on Instagram