Mo i Rana Pride Parade

Date: 2023-09-09
Location: Mo i Rana
Type: Parade
Costume: Stormtrooper

The Mo i Rana Pride Festival was held last week, complete with a parade on Saturday. They invited every clubs and organizations in town to join in. Since the 501st Legion is an inclusive costume club, we thought it would be a nice way to show our support and take a stance against harassment and discriminatory behaviour.

The imperial cog symbol, but in the pride colors.
The stickers

We decorated our costumes and carried rainbow flags. We had also made some Star Wars inspired pride stickers that our helper handed out.

The festival had bad weather all through the week, but Saturday was sunny and warm. Lots of people joined the parade, and I’ve never before seen so many people in the park where the parade ended.

On the way back to our wardrobe (big thanks to Munin Coffeehouse for lending us their backroom!) we met a rescue dog in training. The pup was very unsure of what to make of us, so the owner asked if they could train a bit on passing us.

Our job was simple. We just had to stand there. The dog’s job was more difficult. It had to walk by two scary imperials without reacting to them. It took a few tries, but it got there in the end.

So you can say we did two missions for the price of one that day ­čśÇ

A screenshot from the newspaper. We see a huge parade with lots of people. In front of the photographer is a stormtrooper with a rainbow colored head band and a TIE pilot with a rainbow colored sash. Both carries rainbow flags.
Screenshot from the newspaper Rana Blad.
The caption reads: Many had dressed up for the parade, but two soldiers stood out. “May the Pride be with you”