Where can I buy a complete stormtrooper costume? is one of the most asked questions I get. The answer is that I’ve built it myself. It is the result of lots (and lots) of research, fabrication and hard work.

I would recommend potential recruits to register on the various detachment forums to research and seek advice from experienced builders.

I have gathered some online resources on this page. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I hope it could give new recruits a starting point.

  • 501st Legion – Learn more about the costuming organization
  • Costume Reference Library – this is your most important reference, apart from the films.
  • First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD) – a community of stormtrooper builders. Useful tips, build threads, research material, help when all seems lost, and much more.
    See appropriate detachments for other 501st costumes.
    See Rebel Legion for other Star Wars costumes.
  • Nordic Garrison forum – Forum for troopers, supporters and recruits living in Norway, Finland and Sweden.
    See garrisons, squads and outposts for other territories.
  • Trooperbay – Webshop with various costuming building supplies.
  • TK Boots – Stormtrooper boots.
  • Imperial Boots – Stormtrooper boots.
  • MrNoStripes Bracket System – Screen-accurate fastening system for the Stormtrooper armor torso.
  • TK Procucts LCC – Webshop that sells the iComm Sound System, with Aker speaker and Stormtrooper voice changer
  • Eastbay – Webshop that sells compression undersuits without any visible seams or design.
  • eBay – Much of your supplies can be found on eBay — from magnets and rivets to undersuits and plastic polish. But be aware: Do not buy any stormtrooper costumes from eBay without researching it first! The costume is most likely a recast, and it is often painfully inaccurate. There are no such thing as “501st approved” items. Membership approval is done case-by-case, and most costumes bought on eBay will not meet basic requirements without much work and replacement parts.
  • Anovos – Officially licensed propmaker.

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