Meetup With IT Helgeland

Date: 2018-10-16
Location: Koks bar, Mo i Rana.
Type: Presentation/talk

IT Helgeland invited members from 501st in Mo i Rana to come and give a talk at a Meetup. It was a fun night where we learned about artificial intelligence, preservation of media, entrepreneurship and much more. And we ate pizza!

I gave a short and informal presentation about costuming and the 501st Legion. I spoke about doing appearances at cinemas and conventions, and about the charity work we do. I also mentioned how I became a member, and ended my talk with how the costuming community is benefiting from new technology and better availability of tools, materials and knowledge (Makerspace, 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and such).

This was the first time I gave a talk – ever – so it was a daunting task. But I thought it went well, and I hope people had fun.

Read the full program here:

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