Intergalactic Weekend

Dates: 2017-09-01 and 2017-09-02
Location: Glasshuset, Bodø
Type: Charity event, RPG

This charity event was a large, open roleplaying game in the popular indoor shopping street “Glasshuset” in Bodø City. People bought wristbands — rebels, jedi or imperials — and we would interact with them accordingly. The organizers had built sets in the middle of the street. People could walk down the hallway of the Death Star, hang out in the Cantina or take a selfie in docking bay 94.

Approx. 30 troopers, a couple of Jedi and Rebels from Rebel Legion and one R2 unit from the R2 Builders Club attended this event.

We had nerf gun wars, lightsaber training sessions, droid hunts and lots of fun all weekend. We even had distinguished guests, Darth Vader sculptor Brian Muir and Boba Fett actor Jeremy Bulloch.

We got much media coverage. The local newspapers wrote several articles, and we were live on NRK Nordland. The popular TV show “Norge Rundt” also reported on the event.

Screenshot from NRK

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