VR Cardboard Glasses

Hey, remember when VR cardboard glasses was all the rage a few years ago? You know, those budget smartphone mounts to give you a VR experience without breaking the piggy bank? It was going to be a household item, according to experts. Yeah, that didn’t happen. But it was fun while it lasted. At least I got these Stormtrooper glasses out of that fad!

The glasses came in a black cardboard case/envelope with the 501st Legion logo. You can unfold the glasses and keep them in this case when you are not using them. The glasses have a stormtrooper design on the front, and the 20th anniversary logo on the side. You open up the front to mount your smartphone.

The glasses works fine. You get the illusion of immersiveness, especially if you manage to block out all other lights. I’ve tried it a few times, mostly with short 360° YouTube videos and such. But cardboard isn’t comfortable to wear. I wouldn’t watch a long VR video or play a VR game with these.

They mostly sit on a shelf, gathering dust. I suspect that’s the case for most VR cardboard glasses these days.