Pin: Ahmed Best Motion Capture Jar Jar Signature Edition

About this collection: Nothing is for sale or trade unless explicitly stated otherwise.

A while ago Nerdmatters partnered with Star Wars actor Ahmed Best on a charity pin. I bought a couple of these as gifts to my siblings – and one to keep for myself.

Profits from the sales was donated to the non-profit organization Feeding America, a food bank network in USA.

The pin is Ahmed Best’s face with his Jar Jar headgear from when he did reference shoots with the other actors in The Phantom Menace.

As you probably know, Jar Jar Binks was a completely CGI character, but they ran through the scenes with Best first so that the photographer and the actors would know where the character would be.

A reproduction of Best’s signature has been laser engraved on the back of the pin, and is also featured on the card.