Building Boba: Big Brown Box Day

Boba Fett is a highly detailed costume, and nothing is more elaborate and recognizable than the helmet. Not only does it come in that fashionable olive-green, burgundy red and those yellow stripes, but it also has a dent, scuff marks, wear and tear. The helmet really sells this costume as a cool and mysterious bounty hunter with a hidden but rich backstory.

I am no painter, so I wouldn’t dare mess up the helmet. I still get worked up thinking of when I painted my Stromtrooper helmet… Luckily there are many talented people out there. One of these folks lives in Portugal. His work is in high demand, with a long waiting list. I commissioned the helmet, armor, gauntlets and jetpack with him in early June, 2018.

In all costume project, there is that one special day with an exciting delivery. This is when your primary costume parts arrives, the items that form the basis of your costume and transform it from a random character in dirty coveralls to that iconic characther you are making.

We call this day the Big Brown Box Day. Mine came on December 11, 2019. Here’s my unboxing video (English subtitles available):

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