Rana No: Ticket Queue

Title: Article about the ticket queue for Episode IX
Date: 2019-10-24
Location: RanaNo.no – a local online news site.
Type: Interview

I’ve been first in line to buy Star Wars tickets five times. On October 24, I did it for the sixth time, and the local online newspaper, Rana No, did a story on it.

Screenshot from RanaNo.no
Screenshot from RanaNo.no

Here’s the article (paywall): https://ranano.no/i-ko-for-star-wars-for-siste-gang/25.10-06:01

This was most likely the last time the local cinema did a physical pre-sale for Star Wars. The tickets for the next movie (in 2022?) will probably drop online first. So it was a happy, but wistful day.

I’ve had many experiences in my queueing career. Star Wars quizzes, Labor Day parades, kind strangers with blankets and soup, animal encounters… One of my fondest memory from the Star Wars ticket line was the two-man reenactment of the entire Phantom of the Opera at 3 o’clock in the morning one year. Fun!

But I’m getting older, and it’s getting harder to coordinate queueing with regular life. I’m don’t think I will do another queue. Besides, this is the final Skywalker saga movie, so it would be appropriate if this was the final pre-sale queue.

I will miss the anticipation, comradery and tomfoolery, but I won’t miss the frozen fingers, sore back and lack of sleep.


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