Nordic Garrison Advent Calendar 2020

Date: 2020-12
Location: Online
Type: Advent Calendar

Nordic Garrison wanted to spread some joy at the end of a strange year. We launched an advent calendar with our troops doing christmas-y things all through the days leading up to the holidays.

Each day a festive tableau was posted on the Nordic Garrison social media accounts. A Jawa decorating outdoors. An Imperial officer baking. A sith lord writing a wish list. And many more.

I was featured on December 2 and again on December 7.

And in a very special video on December 24! 🎁🎄🎅 ❄️

It was fun trooping again, even if it was just online. I had a blast preparing all the props, and I got to suit up in my stormtrooper gear again. And I even did a few photos in my Boba, making this my first official Boba-troop! Yay!

I prepared weaved christmas hearts, cookies and pastries, a several meter long christmas paper chain, and I wrapped a bunch of boxes. I even made a lightsaber. I know, I know, it doesn’t make sense for the blade to be wrapped, but I was aiming for recognition, not accuracy.

Also the paper is probably lined with beskar or something…

We spent a few hours in the evening at the empty office, taking a bunch of pictures. Here’s the ones I submitted:

A stormtrooper wearing a festive sweater, sitting in an office drinking from a coffee mug.
Christmas Sweater Day at the office
A stormtrooper sits at a table, making christmas decorations out of glossy paper. He holds a piece of paper in one hand and scissors in the other, looking very concentrated.
Making christmas decorations
A stormtrooper sits at a table making christmas decoration out of glossy paper. He is threading a paper onto a long paper chain.
Making a christmas chain
A stormtrooper sits at a table, making christmas decorations out of glossy paper. He holds up a weaved christmas heart with one hand and gives a thumbs up with the other.
Making weaved christmas hearts
Boba Fett is in a kitchen. He has oven mittens on, and has pulled a baking tray out of the oven. The tray is filled with golden brown pastries shaped like spirals.
Baking Rengakaka, a traditional pastry from Mo i Rana, Norway
A stormtrooper sits at a table, wrapping christmas gifts. A few gifts has already been wrapped. He is now wrapping imperial slippers, but struggles with the tape and the gift ribbon.
Wrapping gifts
Boba Fett relaxes on the couch. He has a festive sweater on, and drinks hot chocolate out of a mug.
Relaxing and enjoying some hot chocolate
Boba Fett holds up a plate of gingerbread cookies.
Want some gingerbread cookies?