National Day Parade 2017

Date: 2017-05-17
Location: Trondheim
Type: Parade

A regular feature of the Norwegian national day parade in Trondheim is the Nidaros Imperial Squad, this year with guests from as far a way as Skien and Mo i Rana. Over 30 troopers marched through the streets of Trondheim with a live marching band.

And let me tell you, it was amazing marching down main street to the tune of Imperial March!

Video by bomb4dil on YouTube

I was one of the flag carriers. The armor is not known for being very flexible, so this was very heavy. When we returned to our wardrobe, I could barely lift my arms. And I was drenched with sweat. Never have a hotel shower felt so good! I also discovered that my thigh armor had burrowed into the skin and made a blistering flesh wound on the back of my leg. It was so painful that I could not do the eight hour drive home. I had to spend an extra night at the hotel. Trondheim is one of my favorite cities, so this was really not an inconvenience for me.

The armor is never finished. You always have to do maintainance, improvements and adjustments. After this troop, I spent some time improving the thighs.

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