Building Boba: Boots

I got something in the mail today. What could it be?

Written on June 22, 2018

«Delivery for… “I. C. Weiner”?»
«We need to go deeper.»
«What’s in the box?»
«Anybody seen my boots? Somebody took my boots. I bought ’em special.»

Wow, that was fast! I ordered the boots on June 3, and expected delivery to take at least two months. But apparently mid-June is the new middle of August.

I ordered the boots from Imperial Boots, an online store that produce boots and costume parts in waves. This means you can only place an order on given dates.

My new boots, in pristine condition.
The boots came with some sweet metal spikes.

I tried them on and they fit pretty good. But I think I’m going to add some insoles for comfort. The boots look great, but will be awesome when I mount the metal spikes.

And do some weathering, of course. I can’t have them look brand spanking new!

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