Building Boba: Jetpack Hardware

I haven’t gotten my jetpack yet, but I do have the hardware that I need to mount it on my back. It is always fun getting packages filled with metal parts in the mail!

First I got the U.S. Divers Co. belt buckle. This is a replica, not vintage. But then again the whole costume is a replica. I did find a vintage buckle on eBay, but it was crazy expensive.

The “replica versus vintage” dilemma also came up when I built the stormtrooper. Back then I did find vintage hooks for the legs, the same brand as they used in 1976. I also found a much cheaper, modern variant. The modern hooks were a different brand, but looked exactly the same.

I opted for the inexpensive, modern hooks. And I opt for the affordable replica buckle now.

Next is a tri-glide for the strapping. This will help me position the buckle.

For the harness I have several types of strapping. Two white straps goes on top, hooking the jetpack to the harness. A black strap functions as a belt (with the belt buckle), mounting the harness to the body. Black straps also connects to the top of the harness and goes over the shoulders, like on a backpack.

And then we have clips and hooks. These will sit on the back of the jetpack, hooking on to the harness and the straps.

And finally, a scuba tank frame for the jetpack harness. This is again a replica, not a vintage frame. The jetpack hooks rests on the horisontal bar, and the straps are fastened on the top half cirle and the bottom trapezoids.