Building Boba: Approved

I sent in my application in June, and after some tweaks here and there, my ESB Boba Fett was approved on July 16!


If you are new here, I’ve detailed some of the key parts of the build here on my blog: Building Boba.

The inventory list looks like this (thus far):

  • Helmet: Bobamaker
    • Borden connector: MachineCraft
    • Helmet padding: a hardware store.
  • Armor: Bobamaker
    • Armor attachments: plastic M5 screws and nuts from eBay
    • Chest display: Fettronics
    • Strapping for the knees and the “Boba thong”: arts and craft store
  • Flight suit, vest and neckseal: Arkady
    • Grommets, antique brass 12mm: local hardware store
    • Grey wire: old, discarded USB cable
    • Pocket padding inserts: arts and craft store
  • Gauntlets: Bobamaker
    • Hose: a boating supplies webshop
    • Black wire: old, discarded power cable
    • Padding and strapping: arts and craft store
  • Jetpack: Bobamaker
    • Beacon light: JC27
  • Jetpack harness: Bigdane
    • US Divers Co buckle: Full Metal Fett
    • Jetpack hooks and clips: Full Metal Fett.
    • Some of the strapping: thrift store, arts and craft store
  • Boots: Imperial Boots
    • Insoles: Sporting equipment store
  • Braids: Woodsman
  • Cape: Man of War Studios
  • Gloves: Mike M
    • New cuffs: white fabric from arts and craft store
  • Girth belt: White mohair from Victory Canter
    • Strapping: arts and craft store
  • Shin tools: 3D-printed from Toolguy / CSB Props on Shapeways
  • Holster: Nemrod rubber replica from Bobamaker.
    • Black gaffer tape: hardware store
  • Ammo belt: Delta13
  • Various supplies – glue, painters tape, paint, velcro, needle, thread, sandpaper, drill bits and so on: arts and crafts store, hardware store, grocery store

Even though my costume has been approved, there’s still much left to do. There’s metal parts to be added, details to be upgraded, weapons to be assembled, strapping to be adjusted, and more!

I had hoped to do some work these last few weeks, but the ongoing pandemic has slowed down mail deliveries substantially. I’m waiting for five packages to be delivered, and some of them was shipped on June 15, over six weeks ago.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to continue the build, but more blog posts and videos are incoming.