Torucon 2017

Dates: 2017-08-12 and 2017-08-13
Location: Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim.
Type: Convention.

Torucon is a fantasy/scifi/anime/cosplay convention in Trondheim. This was a two-day event, and I trooped both days.

We had a stand on the main floor with various items, flyers and a selfie wall with the Millennium Falcon. We held a parade through the venue both days, and played Droid Hunt with the attendees. People could come and get a lanyard with a picture of some familiar droids. After a while, troopers would fan out and go look for them. Everywhere you went in the venue, you would see one of us looking for those droids. HALT! How long have you had these droids?

This was an excausting troop. Lots of walking and talking, and people and obstacles everywhere. Even so, I had a blast!

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