National Day Parade 2018

Date: 2018-05-17
Location: Trondheim
Type: Parade

My second year with Nidaros Imperial Squad in the National Day parade in Trondheim. The 8 hour drive — in each direction — is totally worth it! Nothing beats walking in procession in the middle of Trondheim city together with my fellow troopers and a marching band playing John Williams.

The TV channel TV2 did a short interview with us before the parade started.

Screenshot from TV2

I took what I learned from last year and did some modifications before this troop. My thigh armor doesn’t “bite” anymore, so no more blistering flesh wound! Just regular bruises all over…

I did also mount fans inside of the helmet. They came with four AA batteries, but my brother modified them with a USB powerbank instead. The fans worked like a charm — they kept my head cool and my lenses free from fog.