Hat: Nordic Garrison

The spring has finally started arriving here in Mo i Rana, after an unusually long and snow-filled winter. The signs of spring is everywhere: Birds are singing, coltsfoot flowers are bursting through the ground, long queues at the car wash, and, of course, my collection of baseball caps has come out of storage.

You already know that I have a personalized cog hat and a 501st hat, but did you think I didn’t have a Nordic Garrison hat? Of course I do!

Black baseball cap with the text "Bad guys doing good" on the back and the Nordic Garrison logo on the front.

I like the “Bad guys doing good” embroidery on the back. And the embroidered garrison logo in the front is made so much more sweet by the snowtrooper shadow printed behind it. And the icing on the cake is a holographic sticker with the imperial cog. I love it!

The hat is made from rigid acrylic, so it’s not super comfortable to wear. But in terms of the design and overall look, it is easily the coolest in my collection!