Challenge Coin: Willrow Hood

The man, the myth, the ice cream loving rebel Willrow Hood has his own challenge coin.

What do we want? Ice Cream! When do we want it? Now!

Who is Willrow Hood, you ask? Ha-ha, what a funny question. Everybody knows Willrow Hood, don’t they? With close to 5 seconds of screen time in Empire Strikes Back, he should be known to every fans. He’s the guy in an orange jump suit with an awesome 70’s moustache when Cloud City is evacuated. To think, of all the things he could save from his home, he chose his ice cream maker. That is a man who has his priorities in check! Run, Willrow! Run!

If you ever attend Star Wars Celebration, be sure to catch the annual Running of the Hoods.

Running of the Hoods 2019