Challenge Coin: Force For The Cure – Prostate Cancer Awareness

About this collection: Nothing is for sale or trade unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Earlier this fall I picked up a few coins from Force for the Cure. This is their prostate cancer awareness coin.

A blue and black coin. One side features Grand Admiral Thrawn in a white uniform. His has blue skin and red eyes. The other side features the Chimaera insigna of The Seventh Fleet. Both sides read "Force for the Cure" and "Prostate Cancer Awareness"

Thrawn is a dangerous and sneaky villain. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Thrawn is part of the reason for why Star Wars is more than three movies. The Star Wars hype and fandom was dying out in the early nineties when a trilogy of novels took the story past Return of the Jedi, introduced us to this smart, blue alien adversary and spawned a whole new generation of fans.

Animation of a hand flipping the coin over to both sides

Force for the Cure is a non-profit charity organization of Star Wars fans fighting against health and social issues, such as prostate cancer. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and at