Autographs: Sabine and Jango at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

Did I ever tell you about that time when I met Tiya Sircar and pulled her hair? It was one year ago today. I met Sabine and Jango (well, the actors who plays them, to be correct) at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017.

Tiya Sircar at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017
Temuera Morrison at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

Star Wars Celebration, Celebration for short, is the official Star Wars convention. It is held on different locations from time to time. In 2017, it was held in Orlando, Florida, USA. And let me tell you, that was that a long trip! My brother and I left home at 20:30 on Monday evening, and checked in at the hotel 32 hours later. But it was an amazing week, and meeting Tiya Sircar from Star Wars Rebels and Temuera Morrison from Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones was just wonderful!

But back to the hair pulling. BOY was I embarrased! So, I entered the photo booth and said hello to Sircar. I lined up with her in front of the photo wall, and as I was putting my hand on her shoulder, I somehow got entangled in her hair. I panicked, but she was very polite about it. “Let me get that for you,” she said forgivingly, and helped me get my hand untangeled.

Luckily I had no such issues when I met Morrison shortly after.